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60% of customers won't buy what they can't see. By serving and merchandising spirits well, it is possible to increase the category rate of sale by 50%.

  • Stock brand leaders - 22% of customers would bhabe something other than a spirit if the brand leader was not stocked

  • Twin face the biggest brand leaders on optic
  • – this can increase rate of sale by 28%

  • Branded optics increase visibility and act as a prompt to purchase

  • By having a prominent display, it is possible to increase the average profit per round by $1.50 by changing the customer's default buying habits

  • Segmenting the spirits offering makes it easier for the customer to choose a spirit as it provides a logical and familiar back bar layout
  •    – Dark on the left, White in the center and
    Specialities on the right
    Source: ACNielsen Ons Audit DJ06