Wi-Pour System
...it changes everything.
Wi-Pour is the wireless liquor control technology that "changes everything" in the world of Beverage Portion Control. The Wi-Pour system features small and inconspicuous spouts that all but eliminate any consumer’s negative image of the "electronic drink." A system can be installed as easily as setting up and programming a home entertainment system. This saves thousands of dollars in installation charges. The Wi-Pour system is fast, accurate, and provides the accountability that leads to dramatic increases in profitability.
Unique features of the Wi-Pour wireless
Liquor Control System:

  • Portion sizes including option of free pour functions.

  • Automatic default to main pour; eliminating mistakes caused by a bartender forgetting to reset spout.

  • "Last Pour Memory". If a requested portion is not completed; the spout will know to finish the pour from the next bottle.

  • Thousands of pours between battery charges; and battery can be re-charged while in use.

  • AAC feature assures exact pours from any pour angle.

  • Ability to set "speed" between consecutive pours. No need to bring bottle upright between pours.