Wi-Pour Facts Sheet


How do my bartenders select one of the 4 portion sizes?

After management pre-sets the portions, the bartenders can simply touch the size selection indicator and scroll through the portions. The spout always defaults back to the main portion.
How far away from the master unit will the spouts work?
The WI-Pou wireless liquor controlr master unit will receive transmission up to 1,000 ft. This allows the spout to be used by the "shooter girl" out in the crowd or by the outside patio server. If the spout goes out of range, it will store the pouring information and download when it gets back in range.
Are these systems difficult to install?
Absolutely not! Take them out of the box and connect the WI-Pour beverage control system Master to a laptop or office PC. Use the instructional DVD to program the spouts and it′s installed.
When the battery wears down do I have to replace it?
No. Just put the Wi-Charger Key on the spout and keep pouring. The spout will recharge while in use. The WI-Pour beverage management system software will allow you to run a report to determine which spouts need charging.
Can someone "trick" the spout into over or under pouring by manipulating the angle of pour?
Absolutely not. The Wi-Pour liquor contol spouts have a built in angle adjustment feature (AAC is patented) that compensates for the angle of pour. A perfect portion every time!
What do my reports tell me?
The Wi-Pour beverage control software gives you total usage by brand, corresponding dollar totals, pouring reports by bar location and all information is time stamped.
Can someone remove the spout and free pour?
If someone attempts to remove the spout the Wi-control unit will report the exact time it was removed and or replaced.
How do I clean the spouts?
Take the washing key and open the spout. Then place spout on a warm bottle of water and flush spout. Return washing key to close spout and continue service.
How do I secure the spout to the bottle?
Although we have spout removal reports the straps will allow for the use of zip ties and security tape for additional security.
What is the warranty of the spouts?
The product comes with a one year manufactures warranty. We also offer a repair by replacement program.